Physio for Kids
Growing up can be hard work!

Physio for Kids

Growing up is hard work!

Young people experience changing muscle and bone structures as they grow, which can put extra stress on their joints and can also alter their coordination, balance, proprioception and flexibility. Our physiotherapists relate in a kid friendly, positive and encouraging way. Our awesome communication skills provide a high quality service valued by kids and parents alike.

Young athletes are pushing their bodies like never before.

Our Physiotherapists work alongside young athletes who are very passionate about their sport. From swimming and underwater hockey, to tennis, soccer and rugby, competition and intense training is very demanding on young growing bodies. All this at a time when their bodies are growing and changing and forming lifelong posture habits.

Expert physio care protects and helps young people reach their goals.

We work alongside parents and young athletes, coaches and trainers, to prevent injuries and as much major stress on the body as possible using our Postural Analysis skills, and caring management. When injuries do happen we create a rehabilitation plan that heals and strengthens the body to reduce the risk of recurrent injury. We can work one on one, or where applicable within a team environment with trainers and coaches.

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