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Become a stronger form of you! 

Our Pilates classes strengthens your body and improves your posture, and leaves your mind and spirit invigorated. 

Are you stiff? Struggling with aches & pain, & bad posture?

Whether it's for day to day living or for specific sports training, your body requires a strong powerhouse - without it your body will suffer from aches and pains and injuries.

"If you have an inflexible spine at 30, you are old, but if your spine is flexible at 60, you are young."- Joseph Pilates

certified and Experienced

Work with our Certified Pilates Instructor towards your personal goals.    We’ve kept our classes small so we can really concentrate on your technique and form. We care about your body and want to guide you to make it the best it can be.

Pilates as part of your Rehab

We can work together with our Physio's on a tailored plan to guide you as you move from pain and injury into strength and vitality.


Our classes run at our St Heliers Studio, during the school term, with special classes run in the Holidays.  You can book a class using our online booking or call Becs on 027 22 22 362.  Bookings essential.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Mat - Casual $22, 10 Concession card $160

Reformer - Casual $36, 10 Concession card $300


Max 6, 50 minutes
Monday - 7.30pm
Tuesday - 9.30am
Wednesday - 9.30am
Friday - 9.30am


Max 4, 50 minutes

Monday -10.30am  NEW! Starting Feb 26th

Monday - 6.30pm
Tuesday - 1.30pm  

Private Sessions

1:1 and 1:2 (Duet)
Booked by appointment.  

All classes run by Certified Pilates Instructor, Rebecca Noton.  Please send us an email if you would like our Pilates Info pack.  

"I am in my late 50's and at the end of 2016 had an operation for a pacemaker, having no previous heart issues. I was feeling very unfit and my neck felt constricted, causing me headaches. Since attending ONFORM Pilates twice a week, I sincerely feel my life has improved greatly.  I have better posture, flexibility and neck pain being reduced considerably. Another advantage is the slow relaxed form of breathing, which I find helps as a stress relief. Very therapeutic.  Rebecca gives clear and precise instructions in a small class setting and is able to keep an eye on her pupils. Attending a Pilates class is not a chore, it gives me a sense of achievement, a positive attitude and is a fantastic way to start the day." Kathryn



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